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How schools and parents communicate has changed significantly in recent years and schools have responded to advances in technology and communication e.g. email, Facebook, Twitter etc. There is now a far greater recognition that the important enterprise of educating children is, by necessity, a task shared jointly between the parents and the school.  This important change has brought with it a corresponding need to strengthen and enhance communication between school and home.

Our aim is to improve school – home communication through the use of email.  However, as with all electronic forms of communication, it is important to establish a set of guidelines for communication via email, as emails can leave a lot of room for misunderstanding.

Before contacting a member of our staff, please read these guidelines.


Leadership Team

Principal                                              Majella Frith

Deputy Principal Prep to 2                     Helen Butler

Deputy Principal Years 3 to 6                 Wendy McKay


Deputy Principal Student Support          Leanne Smith

Business Manager                                Kylie Randall


Teaching and Learning Team

Head of Curriculum                                          Jaime Perkins


Aspley East Investigative Approach Mentor        Susan Powell

Enrichment Mentor                                          Fiona Phillips


You will notice the name of the class has changed format for 2019. Every child learns at their own pace, regardless of what year they are in. Whilst our teachers will focus on the year level curriculum for the chronological age of the assigned students, Aspley East teachers teach children not just curriculum. Removing the number from the year level is a reminder that we don’t just focus on one year level curriculum. At Aspley East, we take children where ever they are on their journey and help them improve. The first letter of the class is the block name where your child’s room can be found, the second and sometimes third letter is the surname of the teacher or teachers assigned to that group of learners. For example SD would be found in S block and taught by Mr Duncan.


Class Teachers 2019

MB                 Kim Barrick

PM                 Jordan Moore

PL                  Kirsten Logan

SS                 Kaitlin Smith

JRV                Vicki Royle and Sharon Vidler

JY                  Eliza Yeo


GKH               Allison Kerr-Hislop

FT                  Terri Toohey

GL                 Maddison Lake

DT                 Colette Treherne

FS                 Julie Skinner


EK                Alison Kerr

EC                Maree Cosgrove

EGA              Jane Greenwood / Elizabeth Armstrong

EL                Richard Lin

SP               Michele Pinney


CG              Nikita Gaylard

CEC             Kate Ellem / Jodi Cross

CR               Toni Ryan

CDO            Genevieve Doutre

CDA            Sophia Davies


BR              Karen Robinson

BM             David Marin

BK             Shona Kong


CRA           Peter Ralph

EMP           Roxanne Musson and  Fiona Phillips           


CS             Michelle Swan

CW            Kate Wilson


LW             Erin Wiles

LBP            David Brown and Jaime Perkins

BQ             Zoe Quinnell
LD             Catherine Dymke

BL              Sanchia Lane

NGA           Amanda Gladstone / Brooke Anderson
NM             Amanda Morton



GO                         Debbie Toohey

HPE                        Sam Zangara

Library                   Kerri Beattie

LOTE                      Vicki Cho

Music                     Dean Le Vesconte



Instrumental Music

Strings               Amanda Jerram

Concert              Mik Van Poelgeest​​