The Music Program

Music is an integral part of life at Aspley East State School. The Music Program aims to develop creativity, which is present in varying degrees in all children. The development of the child’s awareness of music, response to music and the development of the capacity for self-expression can achieve this. As in other curriculum areas, learning is activity based and through a variety of such activities, the children are taught the basic skills of music – beat, rhythm, pitch, singing, movement, listening, musical literacy, creating and playing. Great emphasis is given to the playing aspect.

In addition to the Classroom Music Program, the Instrumental Music Program aims to:

  • give students the opportunity to study a musical instrument in a group setting
  • provide ensemble experience for students, to develop performance skills
  • complement classroom programs in the development of music throughout the school andadd an extra dimension to the school music program.

 Music Staffing at Aspley East State School is as follows:

Mr. Mik Van Poelgeest – Instrumental Music Teacher (Brass/Woodwind/Percussion)

Ms. Amanda Jerram – Instrumental Music Teacher (Strings)

Mr. Dean Le Vesconte – Classroom Music Teacher (Choirs/ Guitar/Ukulele Groups)

Our school has the following ensembles and choirs at present:

  • Concert Band
  • String Orchestra
  • Senior Choir
  • Signing Choir                                                                    
  • Junior Choir
  • Guitar/ Ukulele Groups

Many of these groups participate in competitive and non-competitive events during the year.

The following musical instruments are taught at Aspley East State School

           Ukulele and Guitar (in Classroom Music)

           Strings (Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass) from Year 3

           Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone) from Year 4

           Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium) from year 4

           Percussion (Snare & Bass Drum, Aux. Percussion, Xylophone) from year 4

Please Note:

1.     The School Instrumental Music Program is an optional program. Acoustic guitar and piano/keyboard lessons are not conducted as part of the Education Queensland syllabus: it is necessary to arrange private lessons with external teachers or music schools for students wishing to learn these instruments.

2.     Instrumental tuition is free; however, a $90 levy per year applies for the use of supplementary equipment such as band/orchestra music, folders and general program costs. Students using a school instrument (if eligible) will be required to pay a total levy of $120 for each year of the loan (reverting to $90 in the next year after purchase of their own instrument).  Levy charges are subject to change, due to the high cost of maintenance, repairs and replacements.

3.     Placement in the program is confirmed annually either upon full payment of the $90 or $120 levy per student (depending on whether an instrument needs to be hired) or by submission of an agreed payment plan by the stated deadline (to be advised).

4.     The Instrumental Music Program is a formal state school subject with a curriculum.  As such, reporting takes place at the end of each semester (and will be printed on the school report card).

Last reviewed 16 April 2020
Last updated 16 April 2020