At Aspley East State School we offer a number of extra-curricular activities to complement our students' academic education.

Academic Competitions  

At Aspley East we pride ourselves in providing students with opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in external competitions.  We are exceptionally proud of current and past students who have achieved outstanding results in the following competitions.

International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS)
ICAS provide opportunities for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in external assessment situations.  They provide teachers, parents and students with comprehensive reporting in results in Computer Skills, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing. These competitions are held annually in Terms 2 and 3, for students in Years Two to Six. 
Each student receives a Student Report and a certificate which is awarded on the following basis: 

High Distinction - The top 1% of participants

Distinction - The next 10% of participants

Credit - The next 25% of participants

Merit - The next 10% of participants

Participation - For all remaining participants

Australian Mathematics Competition

Each year, teachers nominate children in Years Three to Six to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition.   This is a school funded initiative, introduced to engage further our very capable mathematicians, and reward them for their academic achievement in this area. This competition provides students and parents with a full statistical breakdown on basic skills and problem solving. 

Mathematics - Brisbane Curriculum Leaders Mathematics Tournament

Each year in Term Three, Aspley East prepares four teams of Years Five and Six students to participate in the Brisbane Curriculum Leaders Mathematics Tournament. The aim of this tournament is to stimulate interest in mathematics, provide an activity of intellectual fun in a scholarly atmosphere and to foster interest in creative problem solving. The tournament requires the students to work cooperatively to solve a number of challenging mathematical problems.  Students thoroughly enjoy participating in this event and our teachers, parents and caregivers are extremely proud of the students’ achievements and their levels of cooperation and enthusiasm. 

Music Program 


The school actively supports the activities of our Senior Choir (Years 4, 5,& 6) and Junior Choir (Years 2 & 3).  Students are required to attend practice in school time and occasionally at lunchtimes.  Members are selected by audition and are expected to remain in the choir until the end of the school year.  Throughout the year the students in the choir are provided with opportunities to sing at various functions.

Instrumental Music 

Instrumental music teachers visit our school weekly to teach instruments of the orchestra.   Children are withdrawn from normal classes for music lessons and receive group tuition.  String lessons are available from Year 3. Brass, percussion and woodwind lessons are available from Year 5.  Some string, woodwind and brass instruments may be borrowed from the school for the first year of instruction.  Information about this program is available from the Deputy Principal or Music Specialist.

A school Concert Band was formed in 1989. Children are encouraged to join the Concert Band and Strings Orchestra when they have developed sufficient skills. A full dress uniform is required for students who are members of either the Concert Band or Strings Orchestra.  This uniform is worn whenever either group performs. Details about the uniform are available from the office staff, members of the Music Support Group or the Deputy Principal.

Please note there is a cost involved with participation in the instrumental program.

The Music Support Group is an active and very diligent group of parents and caregivers who devote countless hours to promote music as a performing art.

The 'A' Factor

In Term Four of each year, Aspley East State School hosts the annual ‘A’ Factor Talent Quest. The event provides a great opportunity for students to exhibit their Performing Arts talent, creativity, concept development and execution, as well as a presentation skills and team work in the case of group performances. The competition is set in a lively, low competitive environment and is open to students from Years 2-6. 

Aspley State High School Learning Advancement Program

We have a Learning Advancement Program hosted by our partner school, Aspley State High School.  The program has been specifically designed to provide extension learning in a range of subjects including Philosophy, English, Maths, the Arts and Science for selected students in years 5 and 6. The program also provides learning activities which are based on higher order and creative thinking skills.  The program encourages students’ inquisitiveness and critical and analytic skills, builds confidence and self-monitoring skills. This Program is also a wonderful opportunity for students to become familiar with the high school, the teachers and the secondary school environment. It is held in Term 3, over a number of afternoon sessions.

Last reviewed 16 April 2020
Last updated 16 April 2020